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Exploring the World of the Play through Images

In Lincoln Center Theater’s production of PIPELINE, a mother’s hopes for her son clashes with an educational system that’s rigged against him. PIPELINE is a contemporary story that takes place in both public and private schools and deals with the school-to-prison pipeline.


PIPELINE, like most plays, exists in a specific time and place. You can think of a play as its own unique world. In theater, we refer to this as the world of the play. 

The world of the play is the social, historical, and cultural context of the play when it was written – the background or setting. It also refers to the relationships between the different characters, their personalities, and the situations in which they find themselves.

Lincoln Center Theater teaching artist LaTonya Borsay invites you to choose your own images and music to transition from one scene in PIPELINE to another.

Click below to access the Student Activity Worksheet that goes along with this video.

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